• We do not share or sell your data to anyone. Your privacy is guaranteed.
  • We do not have access to your sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, bank account details, etc. All payments are processed through the third-party payment gateways of PayPal.
  • The Airline E-Tickets & Hotel Vouchers are booked & paid by us, and they are available for you to use them for visa application process and/or for other purposes.
  • E-Tickets & Hotel Vouchers booked & paid by us temporarily until you utilized them for the purpose in need at the embassy or otherwise and will be subsequently cancelled, however if you need to use them later to fly and/or to stay at the hotel specified, you must pay the full amount of the E-Ticket & the Hotel Voucher.
  • flight reservations of Airline E-Tickets are processed by GDS (Global Distribution System) and can be cancelled at any time with or without prior notice. The airline reservations are entirely at the discretion of the airline in question. Airlines can choose to release the hold at any time without any notice for reasons they may or may not choose to disclose.
  • All our service charges for (E-Tickets & Hotel Vouchers) are fully refundable only if the visa is denied ( An official visa rejection letter must be provided and a $10 fee per person is deducted for our service charges ) and/or an error was proved in documents we e-mailed you. However, should there be an error resulted due to our system when issuing your documents, we will thus rectify it free of charge. Based on our discretion we will change dates free of charge for your E-Tickets & Hotel Vouchers.
  • We cannot be held any responsibility or blamed for whatsoever should your visa application was accepted/rejected by the embassy or by the purpose you bought it for.