Who we are?

We are a firm specialized in providing you with documents i.e., Airline tickets, Hotel Vouchers & Travel Insurance and soon we are going to add up services.

What we do?

When we issue the documents, you need like: Ticket, Hotel booking and Travel Insurance, we simply help you to get one or all of these documents within 1 hour sent to your E-Mail to print in only one simple form to fill out so that to take them to the embassy you apply for

Why you need us?

As you well know, in order to apply for a Schengen or non-Schengen visa, you must provide documents like: Tickets, Hotel bookings and Travel Insurance.
In order to get these documents you must book online and pay either full amount or guaranteed by your credit card.
In both ways you will loose a lot of money in either non-refundable bookings or bookings subject to penalties in case you change your plans before/after submission of your visa applications and or when visa issued/refused.
Thus we make it easy for you by providing all these documents within 1 hour in just one click for a very small fee that will prevent you from shouldering any cancelations penalties thereafter.

Customer first